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This device includes:

  • The actual unit.
  • A rechargeable battery, an Smart battery charger
  • 2 heating coils
  • A mouth Piece
  • Aa water pipe adapter
  • Cleaning brush
  • A button protector
  • instructions and a gift box.

This thing of beauty is proudly manufactured by Megatoke; who are renown manufacturers of premium quality, innovative and stylish Herb vaporizers and smoking devices.

Product Benefits

  1. The product comes with rechargeable batteries.
  2. The dual system chamber allows herb and oil to be set up at the same time.
  3. Features a stylish, attractive and cool design.
  4. Lightweight and portable for smoking on the go.
  5. The product is easily disassembled for easier cleaning.
  6. Comes with a ceramic plunger to aid in guiding the herb.
  7. Can be used for a wide range of herbs eg. tobacco and marijuana.
  8. Water pipe adapter is compatible with all water pipe types in the market.
  9. Comes with quartz coated coils for efficient smoke production.
  10. Is durable and built to last.



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